Baggage Transfer

We forward any Japanese EC product
to your home all together.

We forward any Japanese EC product to your home all together.

We deliver your souvenirs, and baggages from japan to your home for making your travel easier.

We deliver your souvenirs,
and baggages from japan to your home
for making your travel easier.

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collective shipping
Abundant shipping methods
Storage for up to 2 months
Specified day delivery
Safe and secure

We can also ship products
purchased on the EC site!

Have you ever feel a hassle with carring your bagggae or souveniers during the travel or on the way back your home??

What a bother to carry out the baggage during the travel

  • You probably enjoy the shopping during the travel in japan, and at the end of the travel, it is really bother you that you have too much stuff to bring back home.

Ship the gift from each stores, and the shipping cost run up

  • There are many interesting commodities in japan, and you may buy many things from the stores.
  • Also, arranging the shipment by each stores takes highly shipping cost.

You may over the weight limit for check in baggage at the airport.

  • According to the survey from travel agency, average weight of baggage is around 14kgs/ person. Even there is over 19kgs.
  • Weight of empty suit case is around 4-7kgs, so if you buy many gift during the travel, it is easily over the weight limit for check in bagggae!

Liquid item might be confiscated at the airport

  • There is a regulations for liquid item that you have concern.
  • Please put the liquid thing in the containers less than 100 ml.
  • Please put the bottle in the transparent plastic bags which you can open and close less than 1 liter (to one alone as for the number of the bags).
  • The object of the liquid thing changes at the departure, entry. Please note that you may forfeit it in the case of transit.
Water, hand cream, shaving gel, liquid lip gloss, face-wash form, tooth powder, perfume, olive oil, jam, beer, cosmetics, honey, cheese, ganache, kimchi

We assist to making your travel much easier.

①You can go back to your home with less baggages.
You don’t need to concern about the heavy baggages during the trip or way back to home.
②We storage your belongings at our warehouse until the day you back home .

We provide free storage service for 2 weeks from the day arriving the first item.
Of corse, you can ship to our warehouse any times you like during the stay.

③We put your items all together as compact as possible, therefore shipping cost will be reduce.

We put the items together which are bought from different stores, therefore shipping cost can be less than the shipping from each diffrent stores.

④You can request the date of arrival.
Shipping the all items as one shipment, and select the date of arrival, you will be able to receive the items anytime you like at once.
⑤We protect your valuable items safety and strong packaging
Please be assured, any fragile or vulnerable items we surely pack by safety package at our warehouse.
⑥You don’t need a complicated paperwork for arranging the shipment.
You can ship your items just sending those to our warehouse. We will arrange the shipment instead of you.
⑦You can chose the shipping method from plenty options.

You can choose the shipping method from EMS SAL SHIP FEDEX DHL AIR.

⑧You can divide the place of delivery by each items.
Upon the register for items description, you can select the place of delivery by each items.

We will deliver the items which you purchased from EC like Rakuten, or Amazon in Japan.

buy, cell phone, cellular

We will consolidate and deliver the items that you purchased from Japanese website.

You can get any Japanese product from your home. We deliver everything you wish to buy.

How to use our service

①Sign up

Registration is free and you will receive the address of our warehouse after registration.

②Ship to us

When you want to ship your items to us, we will send them to our warehouse in order.
*If you are shipping a package on behalf of us, please specify our warehouse as the shipping address.

③Enter your details

Enter the details of the package you wish to ship from the "Shipping Request" page in My Page.

④Specify the date

Choose your shipping method and specify the date and time you wish to receive your order.


Please send us a final estimate of shipping costs and payment.


All you have to do is pick up your luggage at home!

You can check the status for shipment by trucking service.


①Counting and inspection work

Inspection the number of the items and condition.

②Bulk packaging

Packing the items as compact as possible.

Depending on the shipping method you specified, we will make shipping arrangements in time for the desired date of receipt.


Get the estimation

You can easily get a rough estimation by this tool.

Leave your baggage to save your valuable time, and enjoy the travel more.

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We start this services to make your travel more confortable and reducing any concerns that allows you to enjoy discovering Japan in the best way.

Please let us take care of your baggage or items, and enjoy your valuable time in Japan until the last day.

We also hope to you will become huge fun of Japanese many attractions or commodities.