Baggage Transfer


We offer various services.

Forwarding service

  • The service for sending your baggage and items you bought in Japan by consolidate the items all together at our warehouse.
  • In addition, we ship your items purchased in Japanese online stores, amazon, or rakuten etc,,.

Strage service

  • We storage your valuable items for 2 month at the longest at our warehouse.
  • You can enjoy the shopping and sending to our warehouse any times.
  • We consolidate all items together and ship to your home.

Lost & found items shipping service

  • We will responsibly send items that you left in the hotel or other places.
  • Just call the place and tell them our company’s contact. We will take care of shipping arrangement to your home after all.

Packing service

  • Multiple packing service
    We will pack and ship multiple packages in one case.
    Shipping costs will be reduced by sending them in a batch.
  • Protective packaging
    For fragile items, etc., we will use cushioning materials, etc. to protect and pack them for safe delivery.
  • Repack
    It is a service that removes unnecessary items and repacks to the optimal shipping form.

    All of the above services are provided free of charge.
    If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us and we will respond flexibly.