Baggage Transfer


You can easily get a rough estimation.

Please enter the shipping country and weight below.
* We do not guarantee to accept the charges shown.
What is the maximum size?
Regarding the duration of your stay 
The duration time is a standard criterion. The number of days spent in customs for customs processing, etc. is not counted in the display of the number of days of your duration after arrival.
Regarding conditions for each country
Please refer here to verify the details regarding major restrictions for each country.
The longest side
This number indicates the measurement of the longest side of your luggage. Shipment cannot be processed if this number is exceeded.
Total measurement of maximum length + circumference
This number indicates a value expressed as the double of the maximum length and other sides. Shipment cannot be processed if this number is exceeded.
Maximum weight
The maximum weight allowable per unit for shipment.
  • Optional service fees (ex. proxy buying fee) are not included.
  • Import tax or other related charges are not included.
  • Shipping service availability depends on each carrier’s service conditions or weather / geopolitical conditions. We don’t always guarantee it.
  • We should keep this estimation logic and preconditions updated and correct. But we can’t ensure this estimation result’s accuracy.
  • Also, we can’t guarantee that we can provide services at the estimated fees/charges.